Unique Features

xTracker allows to track activites noting date, time, and whether or not protection was used.

Calendar view

Convenient way to track you monthly performance.

Events view

Breakdown of events for the selected period.

Monthly statistics

Summary statistics for the month for all activities.

Postures and toys

Number of postures and related stuff that can be used.


Visual graphs of different parts of activities and performance. Detailed filters.

Custom events

Besides 5 major types of events there is an option to creat your own event.

Partner statistics

Statistics by partner with charts and number of filters for better visualisation.

Postures statistics

Statistics by postures with charts and number of filters for better visualisation.

Why would app users want to track their sexual activity?

Well, for starters, STIs. If your latest health check up turned up with an infection, it's helpful to have access to data that allows you to pinpoint when you may have become infected.

On the flip side of the STI equation, people managing chronic STIs might want to keep tabs on their sexual activity as part of their strategy for keeping partners safe (something that would be even more useful when combined with a log of herpes outbreaks, for instance).

xTracker screenshots

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